Sorting Center

Imported from other Humana organizations in Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Clothes recycle contributes to the fight against global warming by reducing emissions

Used clothing is collected by HUMANA in different countries around Europe. Bulgaria sorting center receives clothes from Italy, Germany, Austria, but also Denmark, Sweden and Norway giving a variety and bigger quality to our second-hand value chain. The collections are run by national HUMANA organizations that contributes to financing development projects promoted by the HUMANA People to People

Reusing and recycling of clothes contributes to the fight against global warming by reducing CO2 emissions, landfill waste and unnecessary demand on existing resources necessary to produce the materials associated with manufacturing new clothes. Before the garments reach the stores, they are sorted in a Sorting center in Varna city. This is where they are separated into different categories with different destinations.

Humana Bulgaria numbers for 2023


Buying customers in HUMANA shops


Pieces of clothes sold in the HUMANA shops in Bulgaria


Exported KG:s to HUMANA shops in other countries


KG:s of clothes exported for reuse to Africa


KG:s plastic recycled from sorted goods

1 134 719

KG's cotton recycled from sorted goods

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