Why did Humana launch a project for urban social agriculture in Varna?

Many people know Humana as second-hand clothing stores. Most of them do not know that behind these clothing stores is the idea of ​​developing and funding environmental projects.

That is why one of the main sources of funding comes from collecting, sorting and selling clothes and second-hand shoes. Through the re-use of textiles, Humana supports projects and promotes environmental protection by committing these activities to the three important “R” environmental programs:
Reduce: Reduce the amount of clothing;
Reuse: Use of clothes repeatedly;
Recycle: Recycle clothes that are in bad shape so they can be transformed into other products;

With funding generated by clothing, Humana funds international cooperation projects in areas such as education, health, social integration, agriculture, rural development and community development.

Why an Urban Agriculture Project?

• Through organic farming, we strive to involve people in the cause of limiting global warming through environmental practices;
• To restore the urban environment;
• Establish strong connections between people;
• Promote sustainable and environmentally friendly farming;

We believe that every person must be socially responsible and active in their actions to protect the environment.

How do we do it?

We have 2000 sq.m. arable land area;
We are interviewing activists wishing to join the program;
Perform theoretical and practical training;
We select 15 activists;
We provide 28.8 sq.m. arable land for the production of products for own consumption;
We have 22 seminars;
We create an independent and sustainable team;

Duration of the program 2 years;

For More information : https://www.facebook.com/3CVarna/