For the 14th consecutive year, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Donor Forum organized a competition for the “Greatest Corporate Donor”.
In his welcome Rumen Radev emphasized that the share of non-monetary donations is growing and people are donating more and more of their belongings or work. “It is very valuable to separate this from your own free time, energy, personal comfort, time for the family to make others live better,” added the President, pointing out the deep meaning in the sustainability of donation.
Humana Bulgaria also participated in the presidential competition and was nominated for her social project “From People to People” in the category “Most Sustainable Donation Program”.
It became a reality thanks to all our staff and their families who participated in various charity events
The program began in 2013 with donations of clothing, home textiles and accessories for children deprived of parental or handicapped development, young people leaving social homes, and older people with intellectual disabilities.
In 2018, a new form of support under the motto “Shared Time” was added to material donations. It includes additional visits to the recipients of assistance for communication, sharing, games and emotional support.
“The smiles and joy of the people we meet motivate us to continue and develop our donations every year,” said Marina Yancheva, program initiator and coordinator.