Celebrating EU Green Week 2023

EU Green Week 2023 is an event dedicated to raising awareness about the pressing need to protect our environment and promote sustainable lifestyles. With the world facing significant challenges in terms of climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion, the European Union has taken a proactive stance to address these issues.

The textile industry is known for its significant contribution to environmental degradation, from water pollution and chemical waste to carbon emissions and resource depletion. The EU Strategy on Sustainable and Circular Textiles recognizes these challenges and sets forth a comprehensive plan to mitigate the negative impact of this industry.

As part of the EU Green Week 2023, a prominent event will be the EU Green Week Conference, scheduled for 6 and 7 June. The conference will serve as a platform to discuss the latest developments in EU environmental policies and showcase the efforts and progress made towards protecting the planet. The event will bring together influential decision-makers, leading environmentalists, civil society representatives, and other stakeholders, offering them a unique opportunity to engage in constructive dialogues and collaborate on environmental matters.

Moreover, the conference will provide a platform for sharing best practices and innovative solutions that can drive the necessary transformation towards sustainability. It will highlight successful initiatives undertaken by businesses, organizations, and communities, inspiring others to take action and adopt sustainable practices.

For over four decades, Humana People to People organizations have been actively involved in the collection and reuse of textiles as a core income-generating activity. Initially conceived as a means to ensure the financial sustainability of our development work in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Central, and South America, this initiative has evolved into a broader effort towards environmental protection.

EU Green Week 2023 calls upon all of us to focus on the pressing problems of humanity today. Our top priority is embracing sustainability, ensuring we wisely use our natural resources and preserve what we have. Let’s join forces and commit to protecting our planet, promoting sustainable living, and securing a better future for generations to come.