Farmer club projects  are supporting small-scale farmers to develop agricultural, livestock, forestry and agro-business skills.

  • Stimulating agricultural production and local trade to contribute to economic development of rural areas.
  • Developing programs for climate change mitigation and environmental conservation.
  • Protecting existing global resources and reducing CO2 emissions through collection and reuse of used clothing as an income generating activity.

One of our well-known and innovative programs is the Farmer’s Clubs Program that improves production, food security and household income through organized and collective efforts. As a result of the program, small-scale farmers have increased their production and their incomes through capacity building and sustainable agriculture practices. There are 290 Farmer’s Club projects that include more than 85,000 farmers in 14 countries.

428 000 people were reached from HPP Environment& Sustainable Agriculture Programs in 2020.

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