Education is a powerful tool in the hands of the people when striving for a better life and has long-term impact on development. Humana People to People’s strategy of long-term support to public education goes back more than 25 years. The education programmes of Humana People to People create a space for students of all ages, supporting children’s education for the marginalised and those living in difficult circumstances. The programmes reached 1.6 million people in a 276 different project units.

  • Teacher training and strengthening schools to increase access to quality education. Since 1993, Humana People to People has trained more than 53 000 dedicated teachers to work in public primary schools across Africa and Asia.
  • Skills training for youth to increase employability and entrepreneurship
  • Education services for children of all levels and ages, particularly those at risk of exclusion. For example, we have a program, Food for Knowledge that provides meals to over 90,000 primary schools children in Maputo province, Mozambique.

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